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  2. No selling or buying

    No buying or selling solicitation of properties allowed on all threads of the forum. Private messages on this forum is also disallowed. That includes external links to own website. Household items are only allowed under the "Market place and garage sale" thread

  3. Compliance with posting rules.

    Posting that does not comply with the posting rules will be removed without any notification. Repeated offenders will be barred from posting in the forum. Please be civilized in your actions in this forum.

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  5. Formatting

    Please do not use CAPS (SHOUTING), excessive punctuations, bold typeface, colours and all other types of formatting unnecessarily. It makes the thread difficult to read.

  6. Search forum first

    Your questions may have been answered before. Please search first before you post. It may be just a repeat question.

  7. Personal information

    Do not post any personal information like full names, email address, etc on the forum. Any posts with personal information will be deleted.

  8. Private communication

    Posting of private communication like chats, emails, social media messages and all other forms of private messaging is strictly prohibited. Such posts will be deleted.

  9. Illegal content

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  10. Wrong contents

    Please post questions or comments to the correct thread. Any posting that is unrelated will be deleted.

  11. Getting banned

    One person must have one account only. Anyone with more than one account at one time will be banned and the postings removed. Trolling, flooding and spamming are prohibited.

  12. Correct posting

    Please make an effort to post new threads in the appropriate forum or sub-forum. Please stay on-topic so that every reader can enjoy the posts. Any off topic or inappropriate posting will be removed without notice.


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